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What is best for Studio / Nano Flats in Hong Kong?

We shall show you some product suggestions for the limited living space, especially the studio / nano flats in Hong Kong. Of course, they are not the only option from various Clei`s collections!

Case 1 : The Avenue

Saleable area: 346ft

Suggested products:

PENELOPE2 SOFA (double-bed with optional cabinet & wardrobe)

KALI BOARD (single-bed with table)

Case 2 : T-Plus

Saleable area: 135 ft

Suggested products:

ALTEA 120 SOFA (single-bed with optional wall cabinet & wardrobe)


Case 3 : One Prestige

Saleable area: 206 ft

Suggested products:

DOC (standalone bunk-bed sofa)

KALIBOARD (single-bed with table) or

POPPI DESK (single-bed with foldable table)

The above suggestions are based on the property floor plan and only for reference. Site & elevator measurement should be conducted for actual cases.

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