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Buying tips of Transformable Furniture

Transformable furniture is a huge mechanism that you will operate between day & night. While comparing between the brands, don`t judge only by outlook and price. There are several tips on safety / durability / risk. Learn how to compare and be a wise consumer!

  • Clei`s products are flexible, every bed-base can be matched with either sofa or small desk, or simply use it as decorative panel.

  • A few model`s bed-base is one-piece module. The size of elevator is the key of furniture delivery.

  • Most of the bed-bases are required to mount on solid wall, that affects where you place the bed.

  • Mattress`s thickness and weight affect the transforming experience. Light mattress won`t provide enough drop force, while heavy mattress will consume you more efforts to fold up.

  • Always choose a furniture value-for-money – according to its origin, design, materials, durability and brand history.

  • Hardware accessories are the core to maintain the function, safety and durability. Clei product only use the hardware accessories produced in European, passing several material test and safety measure.

  • Clei`s products have a flexible price range to fit your budget, according to the bed-base model, finishing and accessories you desire. ​

  • Considering the consistency of the entire interior design, many customers simply let the designers or fitting-out contractor to make the transformable furniture on their own. However, the mechanics calculation and hardware`s quality will be compromised.

  • Most of the Clei`s bed-base has patented auto-lock system, to prevent the accidental drop or children`s misoperation. Copiers are not able to do the same.

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