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Imported kitchen is better...with reasons.

Considering kitchen cabinet is a core and long-term furniture in your kitchen, material and installation quality are the keys to assure the frequent usage. Imported kitchen brands relatively are the better options over local / made-in-china cabinets.

Europe is the origin of finest craftsmanship, all because of the world-class quality management. Arredo3 factory`s productive lines and raw materials are all followed international standard, with every parts of the cabinet are 100% made in the same factory in Italy. On the other hands, local brands / made-in-china cabinet`s materials & parts have no consistent supplies and hence no standardized specification. That is the main reason of failure during installation.

Hardware defines the lift-time of a furniture, so the place-of-origin is all that matters. Made-in-China hardware can hardly compare with European`s quality.

European kitchen brand make use of top-notch software to calculate and produce every piece of module and parts. The high preciseness easier and quicken the kitchen cabinet installation. Without the technological method, installing made-in-china cabinet always require manual fine-tune, which is far from cost-efficiency especially for large project.

Imported brand`s laminate made of International Class E1 wood particleboard panels and compacted by the combined action of heat and pressure. It assures the safety level of formaldehyde and pest resistance. Without this international standard, the furniture may become a harmful source of your beloved home.

European kitchen brand looks into every single detail including the sense of touch. On top of achieving the colour and texture, the brand invested a lot on the touch feeling on every panel, door and handles. For local brands, visual impact is the only goal to be fulfilled.

Having the above advantages does not necessarily end up with high price. Indeed, Italian Arredo3 kitchen is a 100% made-in-Italy brand with plenty flexible options for designs and budget. Feel free to drop by our showroom for consultation.

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