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Winland Firmstone Ltd.

We are pleased to inform you that our group will undergo a corporate restructuring to further strengthen and enhance our operations and business to continue to provide quality services to our expanding and valued customers. With effect from 1 April 2022, a new holding company, Winland Firmstone Limited will be established to oversee the business operation of the group.  


Specifically, Firmstone Mobili Limited will become the “Furniture Division” of Winland Firmstone Limited.  


With our new corporate structure and our existing dedicated team of staff, we are sure that the excellent and efficient services now provided to our customers will be maintained and be further improved. 



Home furnishing is another core ingredient of a deluxe home. After the successful co-operation with “Dada S.p.A”, the company has extended its partnership with “Molteni&C” and started serving the market with luxury furniture from the beginning of 2015. Besides, we also handle many other European furniture brands and each of them has strong feature and character. 



After introducing Italian Origin “Dada” Kitchen Cabinet for the medium to High-end Residential Property Development Project`s use since 2010, we have further expanded our portfolio by enriching brand collection: from the luxury “Armani Dada” to the competitive “Arredo3”, and even alternative from China, we can fulfill clients with different classes and styles.



As the sole distributor of Italian-origin “Clei”, we are passionate to introduce the high-quality transformable furniture into Hong Kong market – a high-density society that demands a lot on space-saving furniture solution.



We supply comprehensive range of building materials for projects` use, includes but not limited to ceramic tiles, mosaics and engineering wood etc. We have an ultimate goal to supply a various of aesthetics products and professional services in wall-covering, carpets, curtains and fabrics that makes environment and life became more affectionate and enjoyable. 



Benefited by the strong business relationship with various quarry owners from Italy, Greece, Turkey and Brazil, we have completed many marble and granite projects for prestige projects with satisfactory comment from clients.



we have extended and started providing design & build service since 2017. The company has provided fitting out service for many prestige projects already.

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